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Barbara Smalley, Rental Agent & Casa Barbara owner
I’m from the U.S. and have lived most of my life there, but have also lived for a couple of months to a year in Germany, Spain, Australia, Ecuador and Belize. I came to Cartagena in 2011 thinking I’d stay for six weeks and ended up staying for two years! I taught English to adults at the Centro Colombo Americano and during that time I was fortunate to meet Deb & Mark from Dallas (see below), who own these apartments I’m working with. I started helping with the Moneda Apartments in 2012, and that has grown to also helping with vacation rentals in Belize, coming back to Cartagena in 2015 to purchase my own apartment (ask me about Casa Barbara!), and as of 2016 working also with Balcones — it’s a beautiful city & country. Come to Colombia, you don’t know where the adventure will lead you!

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Hablo español. Ich spreche Deutsch. Ask me about vacation rentals in Belize, too!

Dwayne, July 2017 guest: “Barbara is an amazing host. She’s responsive, helpful and right on top of her game. I don’t think we could expect a better host and we’re sure that she treats everyone as well as she treated us. Thanks for making our stay in Cartagena such a pleasant one, Barbara.”

Vacation Rentals in Cartagena, Balcones & Moneda Apartments

Vacation Rentals in Cartagena, Balcones & Moneda Apartments





Deb & Mark, Owners,
Balcones & Moneda Apartments 

Deb & Mark live in Dallas, Texas, and have owned vacation rental properties for many years. They visited Cartagena in 2011 and fell in love with the city, and had the opportunity at that time to buy the Moneda Apartments in the old walled city, later adding Balcones. They also own vacation rentals in Belize, and can often be found in Belize or Colombia when not in the U.S. or some other exotic destination!


Benjamin Daguier, Apartment Manager
Benjamin, Manager, Balcones & Moneda Apartments

Originally from France, Benjamin has lived in Cartagena since 2013. Intending to only stay for a little while before exploring more of the world, he fell in love with the city and one of its inhabitants! While Benjamin will be the person you see the most — greeting you on arrival, making sure everything goes well with your stay — you may on occasion meet his wife Erika also, who is a teacher during the week but helps out with the apartments as needed when she can.

Yasmine, Housekeeping,
Balcones & Moneda Apartments 

Yasmine was born and raised in Cartagena, a true “Cartagenera.” She usually works behind the scenes so you may not meet her, but you’ll know she’s been there by the spotless condition of your apartment upon arrival! If you would like to have your apartment cleaned during your stay at your own expense, just ask Benjamin and he’ll arrange for Yasmine to come at a time convenient to you.

Moneda Apartments, Cartagena, Colombia


Moneda Apartments’ Unofficial Doorman!
Janser is a sunglass vendor on Calle de la Moneda. When the shade is on our side of the street, he sells his wares in front of the Moneda Apartments. When the shade moves, so does Janser–to the opposite side of the street. If you arrive during the day, you will very likely see Janser. He can be very helpful!


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