Interactive map

In Colombia, streets officially have numbers as names. However, the Old City of Cartagena has retained the traditional names of the streets. Online map services use the official names of streets.

The traditional and official addresses are as follows:

Moneda Apartments: Calle de la Moneda #7-32  OR  Calle 36 #7-32

Balcones: Calle Segunda de Badillo #23-12  OR  Carrera 7 #23-12

You can see where we are here on an interactive map. The green line represents the wall around the San Diego & Centro sections of the Old City; the blue line represents the wall around the Getsemaní section.

The markers are:
Green–Moneda Apartments
Blue–Casa Barbara
Red–Cartagena Rafaél Nuñez International Airport (CTG)

For more information on the apartment locations, please click here for the Moneda Apartments and here for Casa Barbara.