Know before you go

Visas: Please consult your nearest Colombian consulate to see if you need a visa or any other paperwork prior to your arrival in Colombia. In general, US, Canadian & European tourists do not need visas if staying less than 3 months (although there is a COP$171,000 entry fee for Canadians payable by credit card or in USD or COP cash on arrival), but please double check your particular situation.

Health: check the US Center for Disease Control page to see what vaccinations you may need and to read up on other health issues for the places you will be traveling.

Money: The Colombian peso is the official currency in Colombia. You can change money (cash) at the airport or one of the official exchange bureaus in the Old City. There is a BanColombia ATM located at the domestic end of the airport terminal and there are many ATMs in the city for withdrawing funds. (As always, no matter where you are in the world, please be careful with any cash you have and be aware of who & what is around you.) There are many online sources for monitoring the exchange rate, such as

Photographer: Scott Dalton/Bloomberg