*Various sites with news in English on Colombia:

Vacation Rentals Cartagena, Balcones & Moneda ApartmentsColombia Reports  My own personal go to site for news; “Since being founded in 2008, Colombia Reports has unrelentingly striven to deliver news about Colombia to people around the world as accurately as possible. This is reinforced by the fact that we are independent and are not affiliated with any political or social organization.”

Colombia Calling is a weekly podcast “hosted by Anglo Canadian expat foreign correspondent, author, hotelier and conflict resolution specialist Richard McColl…..Colombia Calling is aimed at those wishing to visit, invest in and escape to Colombia.”

The Bogota Post was launched in 2014 and is “Your English Language Voice in Colombia”

Barranquilla Life was started in 2015 and is “your English language source for news and information on Colombia’s Caribbean capital.”

The City Paper  “Founded in April of 2008, The City Paper is Colombia’s largest English-language newspaper and the best source for breaking news, travel tips and cultural insights into one of Latin America’s most beautiful and welcoming nations.”

General information for visitors to Colombia

*While this site is focused on Medellin, see the left side bar for links to great information on Colombian currency, electricity, phones, etc; click here.

*General travel information on Colombia can be found at See Colombia Travel

*Information on five popular Colombian crafts here!

*What kind of fruit is that? See a photos & information on popular tropical fruits you may not be familiar with here.

*List of holidays in Colombia here — note that in Cartagena, the Thursday, Friday & Saturday prior to the November Cartagena Independence day observation have celebrations as well, “Las Fiestas Novembrinas”, when you can expect some businesses to be closed or have limited hours.

Links with local information on Cartagena and local tours of interest:

Vacation Rentals Cartagena, Balcones & Moneda Apartments

Sombrero vueltiao. Photo: Artesanías de Colombia

*Cartagena local newspaper El Universal (daily, Spanish)

*Cartagena Connections: Tours, event calendar & more (English; and see their calendar of events here)

*EcoTours Boquilla: Community based tourism group (English & Spanish)

*Cartagena government tourism site (English and Spanish)

*Cartagena tourist newspaper Dónde  (English and Spanish)

Suggestions for other areas of Colombia here.